2012 Salaries In Henrico County

Other years available for Henrico County

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Virgil R Hazelett 2012 County Manager Administration 280,729.00 Profile
Patrick J Russo 2012 Superintendent Of Schools Schools 216,917.00 Profile
John A Vithoulkas 2012 Deputy County Manager Administration 216,000.00 Profile
Joseph P Rapisarda Jr 2012 County Attorney Attorneys Office 211,891.00 Profile
George T Drumwright Jr 2012 Deputy County Manager Administration 202,185.00 Profile
John A Harler 2012 Institutional Physician Sheriff's Office 188,005.00 Profile
Michael D O'Connor 2012 Director Of Mh/Ds Health 167,610.00 Profile
Douglas A Middleton 2012 Chief Of Police Police 163,727.00 Profile
Arthur D Petrini 2012 Director Of Public Utilities Public Utilities/Works 163,727.00 Profile
Patrick C Kinlaw 2012 Deputy Superintendent For Elem Educ & Policy Schools 163,727.00 Profile
Shannon L Taylor 2012 Commonwealth Attorney Attorneys Office 159,933.00 Profile
Joseph T Tokarz II 2012 Deputy County Attorney Attorneys Office 159,933.00 Profile
Christopher Corallo 2012 Executive Director Organizational Development Schools 145,617.00 Profile
Michael L Wade 2012 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 145,213.00 Profile
Yvonne G Smith 2012 Clerk Of Circuit Court Courts 142,953.00 Profile
Timothy A Foster 2012 Deputy County Manager Administration 142,243.00 Profile
Randall R Silber 2012 Deputy County Manager Administration 142,243.00 Profile
Steven J Yob 2012 Director Of Public Works/Cty Engr Public Utilities/Works 142,243.00 Profile
Thomas L Owdom 2012 Director Of Information Technology Information Technology 142,243.00 Profile
Edward S Buzzelli 2012 Assistant Superintendent For Operations Schools 138,948.00 Profile
Edwin W Smith 2012 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 138,948.00 Profile
Howard G Banks 2012 Executive Director Human Resources Schools 135,728.00 Profile
Baylis R Carson III 2012 Information Technology Project Mgr Information Technology 135,728.00 Profile
Richard W Baber 2012 Assistant Fire Chief Fire/EMS 135,728.00 Profile
Freddie E Bolling 2012 Police Major Police 132,583.00 Profile