2010 Salaries In Henrico County

Other years available for Henrico County

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Virgil Hazelett 2010 County Manager Administration 261,166.00 Profile
Patrick J Russo 2010 Superintendent Of Schools Schools 201,801.00 Profile
Joseph P Rapisarda Jr 2010 County Attorney Attorneys Office 197,125.00 Profile
George Drumwright 2010 Deputy County Manager Administration 188,096.00 Profile
Wade Kizer 2010 Commonwealth Attorney Attorneys Office 183,738.00 Profile
George Cauble 2010 Director Of Human Resources Human Resource 179,480.00 Profile
Henry Stanley 2010 Chief Of Police Police 175,322.00 Profile
John A Harler 2010 Institutional Physician Sheriff's Office 174,904.00 Profile
Paul Proto 2010 Director Of General Services Other 171,260.00 Profile
Robert K Pinkerton 2010 Deputy County Manager Administration 159,629.00 Profile
John Knight 2010 Deputy County Attorney Attorneys Office 155,930.00 Profile
Michael D O'Connor 2010 Director Of Mh/Mr Health 155,930.00 Profile
Duncan Reid 2010 Chief Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Attorneys Office 155,930.00 Profile
Arthur D Petrini 2010 Director Of Public Utilities Public Utilities/Works 152,317.00 Profile
Angela Harper 2010 Deputy County Manager Administration 148,788.00 Profile
Jean S Murray 2010 Asst Superintendent For Instruction Schools 148,788.00 Profile
Leon T Johnson 2010 Deputy County Manager Administration 145,340.00 Profile
Patrick C Kinlaw 2010 Asst Superintendent For Admin Serv Schools 145,340.00 Profile
Joseph T Tokarz II 2010 Senior Assistant County Attorney Attorneys Office 138,683.00 Profile
Michael L Wade 2010 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 138,298.00 Profile
Yvonne G Smith 2010 Clerk Of Circuit Court Courts 136,146.00 Profile
Douglas A Middleton 2010 Deputy Chief Of Police Police 135,470.00 Profile
David B Gehm 2010 Deputy Director Of Finance Finance 132,331.00 Profile
Randall Silber 2010 Deputy County Manager Administration 132,331.00 Profile
Edward S Buzzelli 2010 Asst Superintendent For Operations Schools 129,265.00 Profile