2011 Salaries In Goochland County

Other years available for Goochland County

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Rebecca Dickson 2011 County Administrator Administration 145,000.00 Profile
Norman Sales 2011 County Attorney Attorneys Office 137,000.00 Profile
Claiborne Stokes 2011 Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 126,000.00 Profile
Linda A Underwood 2011 Superintendent Schools 121,809.00 Profile
Peter M Gretz 2011 Assistant Superintendent Schools 107,279.00 Profile
Thomas M Deweerd 2011 Director Of Secondary Education Schools 105,813.00 Profile
Donald Charles 2011 Deputy County Admin For Community Development Economic/Community Development 104,000.00 Profile
John Wack 2011 Deputy County Administrator For Finance Administration 104,000.00 Profile
Eleanor Turner 2011 Circuit Court Clerk Courts 103,419.00 Profile
Debra W Beasley 2011 Director Of Special Education And Student Services Schools 97,493.00 Profile
Stephen A Geyer 2011 Director Of Elementary Education And Title I Schools 94,656.00 Profile
Ernest C Mcleod Jr 2011 Director Of Finance And Operations Schools 94,597.00 Profile
Dianna C Gordon 2011 Elementary School Principal Schools 94,408.00 Profile
Frances E Ball 2011 High School Principal Schools 94,263.00 Profile
Nancy Oglesby 2011 Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Attorneys Office 90,560.00 Profile
Bryan Gordon 2011 Activities Director Schools 90,302.00 Profile
Peter B Martin 2011 Technical Services Coordinator Schools 88,425.00 Profile
James Agnew 2011 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 88,413.00 Profile
Gary Duval 2011 County Engineer Engineering 88,000.00 Profile
William Mackay 2011 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 83,000.00 Profile
James B Hopkins 2011 Elementary School Principal Schools 80,140.00 Profile
William Cleveland 2011 Dir - Information Systems Information Technology 79,905.00 Profile
Johnette H Burdette 2011 Middle School Principal Schools 79,882.00 Profile
Donald Bewkes 2011 Chief Deputy/Major Sheriff's Office 79,639.00 Profile
Philip L Turner 2011 Supervisor Of Maintenance Schools 77,122.00 Profile