2012 Salaries In Virginia Beach

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
James K Spore 2012 City Manager Administration 272,495.00 Profile
Rudolph J Freeman 2012 Staff Psychiatrist Social/Human Services 258,227.00 Profile
Mark D Stiles 2012 City Attorney Attorneys Office 211,257.00 Profile
Louis M Leone III 2012 Staff Psychiatrist Social/Human Services 199,412.00 Profile
David A Rosin 2012 Psychiatric Medical Director Social/Human Services 196,622.00 Profile
Harvey L Bryant III 2012 Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 193,575.00 Profile
Cynthia A Curtis 2012 Deputy City Manager Administration 177,259.00 Profile
Robert S Herbert 2012 Deputy City Manager Administration 170,838.00 Profile
David Hansen 2012 Deputy City Manager Administration 168,847.00 Profile
Kenneth W Stolle 2012 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 163,841.00 Profile
James B Ricketts 2012 Director of Convention and Visitor Development Other 159,730.00 Profile
Martha J Sims 2012 Director of Public Libraries Library 150,513.00 Profile
Patricia A Phillips 2012 Director of Finance Finance 150,153.00 Profile
Warren D Harris 2012 Director of Economic Development Economic/Community Development 148,918.00 Profile
Tina E Sinnen 2012 Clerk of the Circuit Court Courts 147,125.00 Profile
Thomas M Leahy 2012 Director of Public Utilities Public Utilities/Works 144,488.00 Profile
John T Atkinson 2012 Treasurer Treasurer 144,442.00 Profile
Bruce W Edwards 2012 Director of Emergency Medical Services Fire/EMS 142,395.00 Profile
Lynn B Clements 2012 Director of Museums Other 141,359.00 Profile
Robert R Morin Jr 2012 Director of Human Services Social/Human Services 141,295.00 Profile
James A Cervera 2012 Police Chief Police 140,323.00 Profile
William M Macali 2012 Deputy City Attorney Attorneys Office 139,392.00 Profile
Catheryn R Whitesell 2012 Director of Management Services Budget & Management 138,307.00 Profile
Phillip A Davenport 2012 Public Works Operations Support Administrator Public Utilities/Works 136,638.00 Profile
Athena M Plummer 2012 Director Emergency Operations/Communications 135,956.00 Profile