2012 Salaries In Suffolk

Other years available for Suffolk

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Selena Cuffee-Glenn 2012 City Manager Administration 155,952.00 Profile
Patrick G Roberts 2012 Deputy City Manager Administration 132,613.00 Profile
Helivi L Holland 2012 City Attorney Attorneys Office 130,810.00 Profile
W R Carter Jr 2012 Clerk of the Circuit Court Courts 126,076.00 Profile
Albert S Moor II 2012 Director Public Utilities/Works 120,859.00 Profile
Deborah J George 2012 Chief of Staff Administration 118,120.00 Profile
Eric Nielsen Jr 2012 Director Public Utilities/Works 116,971.00 Profile
Ronald H Williams 2012 Treasurer Treasurer 116,899.00 Profile
Helen A Seward 2012 Interim Chief Financial Officer Budget & Management 116,687.00 Profile
Sherry C Hunt 2012 Intergovernmental Affairs & Special Projects Manager Administration 115,360.00 Profile
Leonard R Horton 2012 Director Social/Human Services 115,287.00 Profile
Thomas E Bennett 2012 Chief of Police Police 113,300.00 Profile
Clifford J Branch 2012 Chief Information Officer Information Technology 111,395.00 Profile
Kevin M Hughes 2012 Director Economic/Community Development 107,120.00 Profile
Gerry Jones 2012 Director Other 107,120.00 Profile
Lakita S Frazier 2012 Director Parks & Recreation 107,120.00 Profile
Elliot A Drew 2012 Library Director Library 107,120.00 Profile
Raleigh H Isaacs 2012 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 105,164.00 Profile
Thomas A Hazelwood 2012 Commissioner of the Revenue Commissioner of Revenue 104,558.00 Profile
Will H Jamerson 2012 Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 101,038.00 Profile
Matthew A Glassman 2012 Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 100,763.00 Profile
William E Hutchings Jr 2012 Deputy City Attorney Attorneys Office 100,052.00 Profile
James E Wiser 2012 Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 99,477.00 Profile
Craig C Ziesemer 2012 Assistant Director of Public Utilities Public Utilities/Works 99,314.00 Profile
Franklin J James 2012 Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney III Attorneys Office 98,535.00 Profile