2010 Salaries In Richmond

Other years available for Richmond

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Byron Marshall 2010 Chief Administrative Officer Administration 178,000.00 Profile
Yvonne W Brandon 2010 Superintendent Schools 170,000.00 Profile
Michael Herring 2010 Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 166,849.00 Profile
Christopher Beschler 2010 Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Public Utilities/Works 162,595.00 Profile
Marcus Jones 2010 Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Finance 160,000.00 Profile
Peter Chapman III 2010 Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Administration 160,000.00 Profile
Carolyn Graham 2010 Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Social/Human Services 160,000.00 Profile
Daisy Weaver 2010 Council Chief Of Staff Board/Council Members 143,777.00 Profile
Philip Langham 2010 Executive Director, Richmond Retirement System Other 143,263.00 Profile
Bryan Norwood 2010 Chief Of Police Police 142,800.00 Profile
Umesh Dalal 2010 City Auditor Audit 137,592.00 Profile
Robert Creecy 2010 Chief Of Fire & Emergency Services Fire/EMS 137,550.00 Profile
Clarence Woody 2010 City Sheriff Sheriff's Office 134,696.00 Profile
Harriet Coalter 2010 Library Director Library 132,900.00 Profile
Bevill Dean 2010 Clerk Courts 132,270.00 Profile
Ricky Jackson 2010 Director Of Human Resources Human Resource 131,125.00 Profile
Beverly Burton 2010 Senior Assistant City Attorney Attorneys Office 130,759.00 Profile
James Hester 2010 City Assessor Appraiser/Assessor 130,592.00 Profile
Dexter White 2010 Director Of Public Works Public Utilities/Works 130,560.00 Profile
Cheryl Wright 2010 Director Of Procurement Services Other 130,000.00 Profile
David Mccoy 2010 Assistant Chief Of Police Police 128,875.00 Profile
Rachel Flynn 2010 Director Of Planning And Development Review Economic/Community Development 128,875.00 Profile
Michael Terry 2010 Deputy Director II Finance 127,345.00 Profile
Doris Moseley 2010 Director Of Social Services Social/Human Services 127,000.00 Profile
Suzette Denslow 2010 Chief Of Staff Of The Mayor's Office Administration 125,000.00 Profile