2012 Salaries In Louisa County

Other years available for Louisa County

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Deborah Pettit 2012 Division Superintendent Schools 135,567.00 Profile
Dale G Mullen 2012 County Attorney Attorneys Office 128,876.00 Profile
Russell E Mcguire 2012 Commonwealth Attorney Attorneys Office 126,789.00 Profile
Susan R Hopkins 2012 Clerk of Court Courts 106,543.00 Profile
Luanne Unruh 2012 Assistant Superintendent For Instruction Schools 101,000.00 Profile
Doug Straley 2012 Assistant Superintendent For Administrativeistration Schools 101,000.00 Profile
Robert C Dube 2012 County Administrator Administration 101,000.00 Profile
Christian R Goodwin 2012 Finance Director Finance 95,950.00 Profile
Kevin S Linhares 2012 Director of General Services Public Utilities/Works 94,536.00 Profile
Thomas A Garrett 2012 Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Attorneys Office 90,900.00 Profile
Tom Smith 2012 Principal Schools 90,900.00 Profile
Kenny Forrest 2012 Executive Directory Safety/Securtiy Schools 90,426.00 Profile
David Szalankiewicz 2012 Director of Facilities Schools 88,776.00 Profile
Phillip Trayer 2012 Director of Finance Schools 88,678.00 Profile
Bruno Sestito 2012 Director of Technology Schools 87,004.00 Profile
Nancy M Pleasants 2012 Master Commissioner of The Revenue Commissioner of Revenue 84,918.00 Profile
Sara Bright 2012 Director of Pupil Personnel Services Schools 84,511.00 Profile
Thomas Schott 2012 Director of Assessment And Accountability Schools 83,361.00 Profile
Ashland D Fortune 2012 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 82,631.00 Profile
Lee Downey 2012 Principal Schools 82,618.00 Profile
Robert M Hardy 2012 Director of Information Services Information Technology 80,923.00 Profile
Paul R Snyder 2012 Director of Community Development Economic/Community Development 80,800.00 Profile
Gladys L Yates 2012 Assistant County Attorney Attorneys Office 80,000.00 Profile
Teresa Byers 2012 Curriculum Coordinator Schools 79,476.00 Profile
Jane C Shelhorse 2012 Director of Parks And Recreation Parks & Recreation 78,780.00 Profile