2010 Salaries In King William County

Other years available for King William County

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Mark Jones 2010 Superintendent Schools 114,450.00 Profile
Stephen A Palmer 2010 Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 113,760.00 Profile
Frank A Pleva 2010 County Administrator Administration 98,545.00 Profile
Charles L Clare 2010 Assistant Superintendent Of Personnel & Operations Schools 94,927.00 Profile
Stacy B Johnson 2010 Assistant Superintendent Of Instruction Schools 91,840.00 Profile
Patricia M Norman 2010 Circuit Court Clerk Courts 90,326.00 Profile
Stanley P Waskiewicz 2010 Principal Schools 89,171.00 Profile
Tinya D Ryland 2010 Principal Schools 85,299.00 Profile
Beverly C Young 2010 Principal Schools 83,077.00 Profile
Jeffrey S Walton 2010 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 80,989.00 Profile
David R Rorick 2010 Principal Schools 79,567.00 Profile
Terri E Hale 2010 Assistant County Administrator Administration 78,735.00 Profile
Sheila R Carr 2010 Director Of Student Services Schools 77,784.00 Profile
Richard E Dimsey Sr 2010 Director Of Technology Schools 77,784.00 Profile
Richard D Walters 2010 Director Of Service Operations Schools 75,140.00 Profile
Theresa F Bailey 2010 Director Of Curriculum And Assessment Schools 75,140.00 Profile
Sally W Pearson 2010 Commissioner Of Revenue Commissioner of Revenue 70,859.00 Profile
Harry L Whitt 2010 Treasurer Treasurer 70,859.00 Profile
Kimberly F Napier 2010 Assistant Principal Schools 69,155.00 Profile
Kelly S Guempel 2010 Assistant Principal Schools 67,562.00 Profile
Beth H Renswick 2010 Student Services Coordinator Schools 67,385.00 Profile
Michael S Lucchesi 2010 Director Economic/Community Development 65,920.00 Profile
Shelley L Nester 2010 Assistant Principal Schools 65,819.00 Profile
Anne M Mitchell 2010 Social Worker Supervisor Social/Human Services 64,890.00 Profile
Reginald T Cleveland 2010 Teacher Schools 64,258.00 Profile