2011 Salaries In Hanover County

Other years available for Hanover County

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Cecil R Harris 2011 County Administrator Administration 188,418.00 Profile
Sterling E Rives 2011 County Attorney Attorneys Office 187,740.00 Profile
Jamelle S Wilson 2011 Division Superintendent Schools 162,000.00 Profile
Ramon E Chalkley 2011 Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 160,660.00 Profile
Wade A Valentino 2011 Associate Superintendent for Policy & Administration Schools 156,051.00 Profile
Asli S Orhon 2011 Psychiatrist Health 155,897.00 Profile
Frank W Harksen 2011 Deputy County Administrator Administration 153,338.00 Profile
Tanja Kees 2011 Psychiatrist Health 153,090.00 Profile
David R Hines 2011 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 150,000.00 Profile
Charla S Cordle 2011 Asst. Superintendent, Human Resources Schools 148,465.00 Profile
Joseph P Casey 2011 Deputy County Administrator Administration 148,298.00 Profile
Michael E Thornton 2011 Asst. Superintendent, Business & Operations Schools 144,830.00 Profile
James P Taylor 2011 Assistant County Administrator Administration 140,060.00 Profile
Frank D Hargrove 2011 Clerk Of Circuit Court Courts 139,810.00 Profile
Thomas S Harris 2011 Commissioner Of Revenue Commissioner of Revenue 129,488.00 Profile
Scott Miller 2011 Treasurer Treasurer 129,284.00 Profile
Kirk R Baumbach 2011 Director Of Information Techno Information Technology 127,813.00 Profile
Lisa Barker 2011 Deputy County Attorney Attorneys Office 127,362.00 Profile
Kathleen T Seay 2011 Director Of Finance & Mgmt Services Finance 126,988.00 Profile
Michael Flagg 2011 Director Of Public Works Public Utilities/Works 121,718.00 Profile
Gary A Craft 2011 Deputy Director Of Public Utilities Public Utilities/Works 120,895.00 Profile
Yvonne S Wellford 2011 Assistant County Attorney - Sr Attorneys Office 119,763.00 Profile
Thomas M Slaven 2011 Executive Director Of Mh/Mr/Sa Health 119,148.00 Profile
Stanley B Jones 2011 Director, School Safety & Disciplinary Hearing/Rev Schools 118,767.00 Profile
Steven P Herzog 2011 Director Of Public Utilities Public Utilities/Works 118,000.00 Profile