2012 Salaries In Colonial Heights

Other years available for Colonial Heights

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Thomas L Mattis 2012 City Manager Administration 141,570.00 Profile
Joseph Cox Jr 2012 Superintendent Of Schools Schools 135,495.00 Profile
Hugh P Fisher 2012 City Attorney Attorneys Office 134,954.00 Profile
William E Johnson 2012 Director Of Finance Finance 124,145.00 Profile
William E Henley 2012 Director Of Public Works Public Utilities/Works 123,963.00 Profile
William B Bray 2012 Commonwealth Attorney Attorneys Office 119,449.00 Profile
Allan G Moore 2012 Chief Of Fire & Ems Fire/EMS 114,842.00 Profile
Jeffrey W Faries 2012 Chief Of Police Police 114,842.00 Profile
Bruce N Hansen 2012 Library Director Library 111,518.00 Profile
Jo Bunce 2012 Assistant Superintendent For Instructional Services Schools 109,038.00 Profile
George W Schanzenbacher 2012 Director Of Planning/Comm Dev Planning/Purchasing 106,214.00 Profile
Troy Hedblom 2012 Assistant Superintendent For Business Services Schools 105,194.00 Profile
David Staples 2012 Principal Schools 95,912.00 Profile
Stacy L Stafford 2012 Clerk Of Circuit Court Courts 94,842.00 Profile
Kristin Janssen 2012 Principal Schools 93,568.00 Profile
Mark D Webster 2012 Director Of Technology And Learning Schools 93,568.00 Profile
Karen Trump 2012 Director Of Support Services Schools 93,568.00 Profile
Kathy L Sparks 2012 Deputy Director Of Finance Finance 90,644.00 Profile
Craig R Skalak 2012 Director Of Parks & Rec Parks & Recreation 89,764.00 Profile
Maria Yencha 2012 Director Of Finance And Budget Schools 89,724.00 Profile
Bernie H Murrell 2012 Building Official Codes/Inspections 88,039.00 Profile
Wayne T Newsome 2012 Police Captain Police 86,539.00 Profile
Travis Ridley 2012 Principal Schools 84,286.00 Profile
Eileen M Brown 2012 Director Office On Youth/Human Serv Social/Human Services 82,682.00 Profile
Kenny Harrell 2012 Director Of Maintenance And Facilities Schools 82,568.00 Profile