2012 Salaries In Chesapeake

Other years available for Chesapeake

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Ronald S Hallman 2012 City Attorney Attorneys Office 171,634.00 Profile
Muhammad S Quidwai 2012 Psychiatrist Health 170,630.00 Profile
Robert P Pitsenbarger 2012 Doctor Health 170,630.00 Profile
Amar Dwarkanath 2012 Deputy City Manager Board/Council Members 168,983.00 Profile
Ewa Gaddis 2012 Psychiatrist Health 168,840.00 Profile
Wanda A Barnard-Bailey 2012 Deputy City Manager Attorneys Office 139,080.00 Profile
Edmund E Elliott 2012 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 134,858.00 Profile
Faye W Mitchell 2012 Circuit Court Clerk Courts 132,932.00 Profile
Nancy G Parr 2012 Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 131,794.00 Profile
Nancy C Tracy 2012 Director Finance Finance 129,188.00 Profile
Pedro R Wallace 2012 Chief Information Officer Information Technology 125,093.00 Profile
Thomas S Wreh 2012 Unclassified Information Technology 124,790.00 Profile
Eric J Martin 2012 Director Public Works Public Utilities/Works 124,674.00 Profile
Ray A Conner 2012 Commissioner Of The Revenue Commissioner of Revenue 124,219.00 Profile
Barbara O Carraway 2012 City Treasurer Treasurer 124,219.00 Profile
James B Tate 2012 Director Development-Permits Codes/Inspections 123,210.00 Profile
Jan L Proctor 2012 City Attorney Attorneys Office 123,059.00 Profile
Steven C Wright 2012 Director Economic Development Economic/Community Development 120,507.00 Profile
Betty J Meyer 2012 Deputy City Manager Other 119,904.00 Profile
James J Osullivan 2012 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 118,562.00 Profile
Kelvin L Wright 2012 Chief Of Police Police 118,240.00 Profile
Joseph Scislowicz 2012 Executive Director Community Service Board Health 117,308.00 Profile
William J Meyer 2012 Assistant Director Public Utilities Public Utilities/Works 117,114.00 Profile
Steven Jenkins 2012 Director Budget Budget & Management 116,997.00 Profile
Kathryn G Goldberg 2012 Assistant Director Social Services Social/Human Services 115,917.00 Profile