2011 Salaries In Amelia County

Other years available for Amelia County

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Bj Brewer 2011 Division Superintendent Schools 125,000.00 Profile
Lee R Harrison 2011 Commonwealth's Attorney Attorneys Office 120,667.00 Profile
Norma Duty 2011 Assistant County Administrator Administration 99,134.00 Profile
Marilyn L Wilson 2011 Clerk Of Circuit Court Courts 95,809.00 Profile
Melvin Rose 2011 Director Of Human Resources And Secondary Instruction Human Resource 93,627.00 Profile
Thomas E Harris 2011 County Administrator Administration 85,000.00 Profile
Kathleen T Stuart 2011 Lower Level Middle School Principal Schools 83,325.00 Profile
Elvira B Ford 2011 Dean Of Students Schools 83,138.00 Profile
John Rokenbrod 2011 Coordinator Of Technology, Testing And Assessment Schools 83,007.00 Profile
Allen W Vernon 2011 Director Of Operations And Cte Director Schools 81,000.00 Profile
Kathleen Farmer 2011 Director Of Elementary Instruction And Elementary School Principal Schools 80,814.00 Profile
Raymond A York 2011 Environmental Resource Mgr/Landfill Inspector A Environment/Conservation 80,392.00 Profile
Shirley Booker 2011 Upper Level Middle Principal Schools 79,561.00 Profile
Ricky L Walker 2011 Sheriff Sheriff's Office 77,420.00 Profile
Anu Upadhyaya 2011 Director Of Pupil Personnel Services And Federal Programs Schools 77,298.00 Profile
Joyce P Morris 2011 Commissioner Of The Revenue Commissioner of Revenue 75,161.00 Profile
Pamela H Conyers 2011 Treasurer Treasurer 75,161.00 Profile
Tommy Moon 2011 Acting High School Principal Schools 70,822.00 Profile
B Kent Emerson 2011 Emergency Management Director Emergency Operations/Communications 70,000.00 Profile
Patty C Averett 2011 Landfill Inspector B/Recycling & Litter Control Coord Public Utilities/Works 68,675.00 Profile
Michael Whitaker 2011 Rotc Instructor Schools 67,280.00 Profile
Daryl L Gough 2011 Director Of Public Works Public Utilities/Works 66,497.00 Profile
Jane Powers 2011 Teacher Schools 65,744.00 Profile
Ronnie F Tatum 2011 Waste Water Operator Public Utilities/Works 64,247.00 Profile
Karen Stilen 2011 Teacher Schools 62,744.00 Profile